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Make a Zen Garden


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Make your own Zen Garden

   You will need a Container ~  There are many options that will work well.

Zen Garden

     Other items needed: sand, rocks, essential oil (optional) and a zen rake.Zen Garden

If sand is collected from outside, remove any bugs, twigs, or other junk.


Zen garden

    If you prefer, you can buy craft sand or decorative sand.

Zen Garden craft Sand

      Place your choice of sand into the               container you want to use.




              Zen Garden Fill Container

For a sense of tranquility, and a calming aroma, add 10-20 drops of essential oil ~ We prefer Lavender.

Zen Garden Essential Oil

If you want the sand to have a wet look, add Jojoba oil into the sand until you get the consistency you want.

Zen Garden Jojoba Oil

Add 3-5 small to medoum sized rocks. You don't want too many rocks.

Zen Garden Rocks

Add other small objects to personalize your zen garden - shells, miniature decorations, air plants, etc...

Zen Garden Air PlantsZen Garden Ornament

                         Zen Garden Shells

Use your Zen Rake to make wavy patterns in the sand.

Zen Garden Rake

All Done! There are no rules to using your Zen Garden.

  • Rake patterns in the sand.
  • Move the rocks around in your garden.

Zen Garden Complete


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