How to Add Products (How to Edit Products)

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How to Add Products (How to Edit Products)

Postby Zen4Dummies on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:05 am

How To Add Products to your creative zen cart
How To Edit Products in your creative zen cart

Log into the admin section of your site.

This will bring up a sign in page.
Admin user name is:
Admin password is:

Next you will select the Catalog tab
From the drop down menu select Categories/Products

Categories / Products – Top page is displayed.

Place your cursor over the category you want to add a product to and click.

This will take you to the list of products in that category!
Click on the new product button and you are at the page to add a product to the selected category!

TO EDIT A PRODUCT: select the product you want to edit.
You will be able to add the Product Purchase Date (in YYYY-MM-DD format) and
Product Purchase Price (decimal no $)

Tab to the Product Name field and type in your product name (fields above this can be ignored!)

Go to product price and enter the price in NET field (currently entering as US Dollars)

Next tab to the Products description field and type your description! Get creative here!

Go to Products Quantity field and enter the quantity of this product

Go to product Model field and assign the model name (Category name and then the next available number)

Product Image field: click on the browse button and select the picture from your computer that you want to use.

Go to the preview button and click.

This brings up a summary of what you’ve just entered.

If this is ok, select the upload button and you’re done!

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