Yes - Spammers Suck!

Spammers Suck - please don't bother us!

Yes - Spammers Suck!

Postby Zen4Dummies on Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:35 pm

In the past several weeks I've had to take time away from IMPORTANT work to delete the spammers who have visited this forum. :x

Needless to say, adjustments have been made to the forum settings, so in the future all new users must be granted permission to post. I don't like to have to micromanage people who should be able to conduct themselves in a professional, mature fashion, but alas - some folks need boundries!

CIALIS - VIAGRA - etal, GROW UP and stop mindless spamming! Hire a REAL marketing force - and get your spam freaks off your payroll (and my forum!)

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