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Penny W. ~ Fab

For over a year now Tina has been our webmaster for four of our e-commerce sites. She has done an excellent job with our automotive dealership website design.Our ebay store couldn't function without her and she is the backbone of our on-line sites for dolls and masks, and our jewelry site.Tina is fast and knowledgable and there every step of the way. I highly recommend!  May 19, 2008

Jean P ~ Tina- professional, understanding, and now a friend.

I would like to recommend Tina and her company to everyone. She was a angel sent from heaven.After having 3 different web sites and hosting companies I found Tina. Within less than a week she had changed me
to a hosting company that did not nickel and dime me. Also with a few cosmetic changes took my web site from amateur to professional looking. She uploaded the newest version of Zen Cart  added security patches  created google site map and moved the complete catalog to new a site, without losing more than 5 minutes off line. The complete time she was always reachable by email and phone. Spent many hours talking and listening and teaching.Her pricing was very fair.  Before Tina I was ready to throw in the towel and forget the 6 years that had been put into my web site.Now I know if I need help Tina will be there. I have already told other business owner in our business association about Tina and now I what to tell the world. Thank you Tina. August 30, 2008

VIrginia A ~ Fabulous Work

Zen 4 Dummies is fabulous. They helped me to get my website started. Showed me how to us it to add products  delete product etc. They even helped me to redo my front page at my website. Awesome! Thank you very much Zen 4 Dummies. May 19, 2008

Neil B. ~ Tina- mere mortal or ??

Tina chipped away at my old crummy looking site until it became a work of art. The before & after was a very dramatic difference. She gives your project her full attention & works around the clock. She had some wonderful suggestions I had never considered and found lots of ways for me to not only get the results I was after, but save me a ton of money as well. She truly knows Zen backwards and forwards and recommend to anyone not happy with their current set up. I know where to go for any additional needs I may have in the future! Thanks Tina! May 19, 2008 

Jorge Feliciano ~ Very Dedicated

Thanks for the support. I dont know any other service that will provide support at 1am. I will certainly use your services again. May 31, 2008

Mindy K. ~ Fantastic help!!    Mindy K  testimonials/smscrub_scr.jpg

I cant even begin to say how wonderful Tina has been at helping me with my site!! She managed to match my zen page to the home page that I had created  had great suggestions and was always on top of everything. She helped me with all my
questions and worked with me every day at all times of the day. I have definately been more than satisfied with the service I have received. Thank you so much!  June 2, 2008

 Alicia ~ Tina Saved My Business!

1 day before the launch my site was completely gone due to a host transfer. I was working with another person to help me at first only to get no where in 3 days... Finally... as I was about to have a complete meltdown...I contacted Tina
and she was able to get me going within a few hours and literally SAVED my business and my website launch!  I am forever grateful and will never use anyone else!  June 6, 2008

Maggie N. ~ Wonderful Help    

I was having a huge problem of not being able to access my admin for zen cart and posted asking for some help on what happened. Tina emailed me and via IM went step by step to help me get my admin back and running. She is so wonderful to work with thank you again. June 12, 2008

Dana B. ~ Thanks!  

Tina did a great job upgrading our shopping cart. She did what she said she would do in a timely manner for a reasonable price. She even made a couple of changes not connected to the version upgrade which made our site look much better.
We couldnt be more pleased.  June 14, 2008


I was lost  thought this was my end...i was preparing for my death squad. Then an email came..."How may i help you" That was my 2nd chance in life! Hope you continue this helpful and sweet! Thanks Tina!  July 9, 2008

Raine R. ~ Tina put the BIG in Bigsbikinibikebath

Tina got our site up and running in a BIG way with the functionality, look, and feel that we could only dream of for our new e-commerce business. I had a little knowledge of Zen Cart from the tutorials  forums  and e-start book but I had no idea how to create our vision for the online store. Tina did it all and more! She listened to our vision and made it a reality. Tina installed add-ons to provide more functionality and design than we thought possible. Then Tina tutored us in how to use Zen Cart on our own. I will always use Tina for our e-commerce site; she is responsive, knowledgeable, dependable, and an invaluable resource. Thank you Tina for all you have done and continue to do.  July 30, 2008

Susan C. ~ Tina. Web Goddess Extraordinaire

My site isnt even live yet.. hopefully tonight I will take down the old site and transfer to the new.. but my experience with Tina has been one of a kind. NEVER have I worked with someone so knowledgable and hardworking.. helpful  and yes  brilliant.  Tina is the best thing that has ever happened to my business. If you have any doubt about hiring her, contact me so I can allay your reservations. My only regret is it took me so long to find her.  I am the happiest customer in the world.
I am in awe of her talents and knowledge. This is a perfect example of sometimes it is best to hire a pro.  This has been the best experience of my life...I cant wait to see what happens to my business in the future because of the work that Tina did for me. I am very excited.!  September 5, 2008

Marnie ~ Tina Rocks!!

Words cannot describe how happy I have been with Tina and Zen 4 Dummies. After being put off by my web site designer for months to do changes and upgrades  I was very discouraged and frustrated. I decided to start checking around to see if I could find someone else to service my web site. My prayers were answered when I came across Tina. Not only did she have almost all the work done within a week (before I had even payed her) she answered all of my questions and had the patience of a saint with my extreme lack of knowledge on how many things worked. I highly recommend her services and know that if I need help in the future I can count on her to be there for me. Thanks Tina, you are the best!!  September 28, 2008

Lori L. ~ Tina saved my sanity.

For over 4 months I had been trying to deal with a company that boasts being in the "top 25 of the Inc. 500"  who took our money and gave us a website that was set up incorrectly. They never returned calls, told us they would do things then never did them, and basically bungled everything they touched.  I was about to give up  when in desperation I googled "zen webmaster" and found Tin,a the answer to my prayers. She quickly helped me move my site to a host that was more cost effective and gave better service. She upgraded my software. She optimized my pages and submitted my site to all the search engines (something the other company said they had done but did not.) She fixed design errors and is now working on building more pages and helping me with SEO. We have achieved all this in a few short weeks. She is in constant communication with me and is very proactive. She knows her stuff! I truly dont know what I would do without her  and I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a highly competent webmaster to manage your site.  September 28, 2008

Jere G. ~ No Place Like Home  

For almost 2 years we have been banging our head against the wall trying to get a good, professional and WORKING website online. We have spent thousands (literally) of dollars and been duped  lied to and cheated. We found Zen 4 Dummies and gave them a shot. Tina worked on our site  showed us what she had created  and actually TALKED to us about our site BEFORE WE GAVE HER A PENNY! She was less expensive by far and much more creative than any of the 4 other companies we worked with. We are telling everyone we know that is even thinking about a website to talk to her before they make up their mind as to who to use. Our site is hundreds of times better than anything we could have developed on our own and 10 times better than the most expensive website developement firm we contacted and a third the cost! Tina, YOU ROCK!!!  February 16, 2009

Mary H. ~ No More Spinning Wheels

We spun our wheels for a year+ after having our Zen Cart website installed trying to find someone who could help us make the system do what it was designed to do. It was an expensive and time-consuming process until (duh!) we thought to google for help -- and Tina came to our rescue. In the span of about three weeks  she was able to install the modules we needed at an affordable price. We are are now able to back up our work with the click of a switch (one guy we talked with wanted $30 per month to do our back up for us). The site is now faster and more user friendly for our customers. As we discussed our needs with Tina  she was there offering solutions to the problems we were encountering thus enabling us to have a system that is now an asset instead of a liability. In helping us maintain our site, Tina is available when we need her -- no long waits for assistance! She has made the mechanics of owning a website a joy to deal with! Dont you just love to depend upon someone who is dependable?  January 27, 2009

Debbie M. (RIP) ~ Tina my guardian angel

What can I say! Tina has saved to me from a monster! I had a website designed in November of 2008 for the cost in the United Kingdom £400. It was not right from the beginning. I was not one happy lady! My home page title was not correct  zencart was set up all wrong. I complained and I was told by my monster designer that it would cost me hundreds of £ to put to the right. That is when the alarms began to sound! That is when I found the zen cart forum. I explained to good people in there what happened and each saying líbrese of his ~ of the host who he is thief. Here is where Tina - my guardin angel came in. She explained everything. She changed my title within minutes, installed my zen-car correctly. Then to our horror we found that behind my back the other designer HAD ROBBED my Domain Name  intercepted all email (so I couldnt stay in contact with any of my clients). It was a nightmare! But Tina fixed everything  for me within a day or of two. She has been a tower of the force. She saved to me from a nervous collapse. She was constantly there for me all along and continues being. My site seems fantastic! I am so satisfied with her. My page ranking and search results are raising daily. She couldnt have done more! but she still does. What a fantastic lady. Thanks Tina  you are one very good and thoughtful lady and so so sweet. March 2, 2009

Mr. Mitchell ~ Heaven Sent Tina Knows Zen

Tina was heaven sent to me when my site was out of wack and I could not bring it back. I called many to help but one called me back, Tina and I am so glad because Tina is bad! She knows her stuff - zen cart and such. So dont cuss or fuss -  get on your knees and pray that Tina comes your way because she is the best tech out there today Thank you so much  Tina  for a job well done - my zen cart tech for life. "thats right" March 17, 2009

Chell ~ wonderful

So much wonderful help... thanks much would recomend to any one... not only helpful but so friendly and kind....
and beyond knowledgable... would suggest to anyone  May 1, 2009

Robert N. ~ Professional Service

Tina's professionalism and expertise far exceeded my expectations. She built my website to my exact requires in no time. After my site went live she walked me through the zen functions so that I can be self-sufficient. I wish every firm I worked with was as customer focused as this one. Thank you for everything. May 09, 2009

Jordan ! THANK you times 10000000!

Thank you soo much for the wonderful help! I was beyond lost till you offered your assistance. I dont think i would have been able to get this far without your help!! Thank you soooo soooo much!  April 28, 2009  

Dave Calla ~ The best of the best!

I cannot fully express my gratitude for the marvelous work Tina performed in making my website not only look fantastic but function as it should. I program in 8086 assembler  Visual-Basic and several other languages but am unfamiliar with
Zen Cart itself. I thought that I could reasonably navigate the Zen Cart package  read the tutorials and edit to suit my needs. My 1st mistake was underestimating the knowledge-base required to make even simple changes.  Tina knows ZenCart inside and out! What she added in a matter of minutes might have taken me several days to research, apply and test. Unless your goal is to become a master of ZenCart or your time is almost worthless, then I highly recommend purchasing a support package.  April 3, 2010

Missy W ~ Total Setup

Tina set up my entire site and it absolutely adorable!! She walked me through the entire site so that I was able to maintain it. Thanks Tina  you rock!!  May 11, 2010

Kevin Q. ~ The best on the web

Tina is the best and the most knowledgeable person on the internet. She truly is the master of Zen Cart. She has helped my business with designing  programming  and SEO work. And she does it fast and her prices are great. Before I found Tina I wasted a lot of money on other companies; their prices were high and their work was terrible. Thank God for Tina!
She truly is an angel and I would never ever use anyone else but her.   THANK YOU TINA FOR All YOUR HELP   October 3, 2010

Wendy H ~ Simply the best

Ever been at your wits end? I was until I found Tina!! After months of dealing with an absolute nightmare of a web designer I had almost lost hope of my new "dream" store ever functioning. I then came across Zen 4 Dummies!! Tina is an absolute gem and has given me my dream back. Nothing is too much trouble and there is nothing she cannot fix or make happen. I cannot recommend her highly enough!! Thanks Tina  you are simply the best!  June 17, 2011

Garrett M ~ Absolutely the Best!!!!

Tina has been a Godsend to us and we cannot thank her enough for all the help she has provided us. She is very knowledgeable and has gone the extra mile to help our company go through a difficult time.Tina  you are the BEST!!!  May 29, 2012

Bec ~ My Life Saver

Tina was just amazing when I was having so much trouble with my last web tech that went AWOL. Tina was able to point me in the right direction of how to get my website back up any running again. She was very informative and I cant thank her enough for all the help she gave me.. You are the Best Tina!!!  October 24, 2013

Collette L ~ #1 Zen Cart site builder

Tina~is the master of Zen cart website building not only that, she is the nicest person you will ever want to work with when it comes to making your website the best it can be. She's not only very kind and patient with all my thousand requests. She always has great ideas to help enhance your website and most of all she is always there when you need her when a problem might pop up from time to tome.I have to say I will always have Zen 4 Dummies help build all my website and will refer her to all new customers. Trust me you can't get better then her. THANKS SO VERY VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND HARD WORK! November 24, 2013

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