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Zen Cart Plug In Mods - Template

  • Twitter Sidebox Cached

    Twitter Sidebox Cached

    This Zen Cart add on enables you to display your latest tweets in a side box. An important feature is that the script only connects to the Twitter...


  • Header Drop Down Menu

    Header Drop Down Menu

    This add-on will allow you to have a horizontal css based flyout menu for your zen cart header. It also displays your categories dynamically, along...


  • Column Divider Pro

    Column Divider Pro

    This will give nice divider lines for the following modules/pages: New Products on the main page Special Products on the main page Featured...


  • Column Layout Grid

    Column Layout Grid

    This module allows user to display Products in a grid format instead of just rows! This mod, partnered with the Column Divider Pro, produces a...


  • Captcha Anti Spam

    Captcha Anti Spam

    Looking to protect your site from spammers using your Contact Us and Tell A Friend forms? This module provides a frontline approach, forcing the user...


  • Database Backup from Admin Panel

    Database Backup from Admin Panel

    Confused by navigating through so many screens in your cPanel to get a database backup? This module allows user to get a database backup right from...


  • Store Backup

    Store Backup

    What could be easier than backing up your store files from your admin panel? Once your store is set up the way you want it, you can easily back up...


  • Shopping Cart Sidebox

    Shopping Cart Sidebox

    Add an image and checkout button in the shopping cart sidebox


  • Better Together

    Better Together

    With this module which allows cross selling at a discount a product can be linked with another specific product, another product from a specific...


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