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Buyer Beware

It has come to our attention that there are “consultants” soliciting your business.

They will tell you that your site is not secure, but won’t provide you the list of deficiencies.

In addition, they are “offering” to fix your site for a mere $600.00

Further, they are known to be telling shop owners that the PHPMailer fix is not necessary! As if they know more than DrByte, sensei and developer, on the zen cart forum!

One last item to note. They state the following in email communications:

“It is the only Corporation in the world set up to exclusively focus on Zen Cart”

I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement!

  1. Are they incorporated?
  2. Does ZenCart.com focus on other than ZenCart?

Our advice – steer clear of these “consultants” and contact your current webmaster! If you don’t have a webmaster already, please visit Zen4Dummies. Zen4Dummies comes highly recommended with 8 + years of experience. Feel free to read their many testimonials.


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